Hey there!

 Jessyka here! Bringing you a perspective on my life through the lense of my camera. This page is dedicated for you to get to know me as an artist, answering any possible questions you may have.


Q: What Influenced me to get into Photography as a profession?


A:  From a young age, I lived quite a distance from the city life. My life was a simple farmers life, we had horses and that placed a huge responsibility in my life at a young age. Having access to horses, and hectares of beautiful land; the world was my playground.  Seeing the horses running in the fields, was just so elegant and I had always hoped one day to capture wild horses in our great wilderness. 

At a young age my mother was taking a photography class with her Pentax 35mm camera, and using me as her model for her class assignments.  This began my life of camera’s, I started off with moms Pentax 25mm for the first time when we went to Nova Scotia and allowed me to use it throughout the drive of the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island.  After waiting a few days after my return to get my photo’s processed, there were a few gems in the pile and many terrible photos.  This got me excited and now has been a life goal of trying to capture as much of my life as possible in hopes that if down the road, god forbid, I lose my memory, I will have a library of my life in pictures. I started doing it professionally so that I could do the same for you!



Q: Do you ever leave home without your camera?


A: NO! I’ve learned my lesson from the past, every time I have forgotten my camera has been some of the most beautiful pictures that were missed due to my lack of a case of never let my camera go! The best moments happen when you least expect them, that’s why my camera never leaves my side!



Q: What kind of photography do you do?


A: Anything I can take a snap of! 


Bridal Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Engagement Photos

Family Photos


Birthday Parties

Family Pets


Live Music Events


Or…. just being your personal Paparazzi! 



Q: Where are some of the places you have traveled for your photos?


A: As far as Canada goes, I have taken photos from Ontario all the way to Nova Scotia.  The United States of America, I have approximately been to about 25 states. Europe I have gone from England all the way to Germany. I really do enjoy traveling, but their is much beauty in the province of Ontario where I currently reside.  My goal is to capture as much beauty as this world has to offer! My services are world- wide and negotiable. 



Q: What is your favorite thing to shoot?


A: I would have to say the live music events!  Being a musician as a hobby definitely inspired that, having weekly jams and going to hundreds of concerts thanks to Robbie G, and many other people. The music scene has been my muse through my photography stages and it all started out with Alexis on Fire before they were even signed, taking pictures with that Pentax 33mm.  Some of the greatest shots, in my opinion are from the music events, because I’ve met so many amazing musicians.



Q: Who have you met through your photography career?


A: I would have to say I’ve met many amazing people, to start off Robbie G if he didn’t take me under his wing many of these experiences would have never happened. Thanks for believing in me Robbie!

Mobb Deep

Jeru the Damaja




Tech N9ne

Krizz Kaliko

Stevie Stone






Sean Kingston



Hip-Hop has always been a huge influence in my life, but I have many other genres that I enjoy listening to.  Hip-Hop saved my life, gave me wings to make my heart soar with my passions.  Thanks again Robbie G I can’t thank you enough!